What Are Skylanders?

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Skylanders Toys

Skylanders toys or figures are characters in a series of video games. The original game is called Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

This game is both physical and virtual. That’s because the toys have chips in them. The game system comes with a device called the Portal of Power. Placing the toy on the portal “teleports” that character into the game. Then you can “play” as that character, using its abilities and weapons.

Skylanders toys gather additional and improved powers as they get practice. The video character accumulates more Strength and Defense attributes. Because of the chip, the toy remembers its level, to keep changing the game, making the play more exciting and challenging.

Skylanders get bigger and badder as you play them. All the better to fight the bad guys, the evil Kaos forces.

The Skylanders backstory: They are living beings from Skylands, who were frozen into toys when Kaos forces took over their planet. They came to earth, and via the Skylanders game, they are fighting to take back their homeland.

The latest Skylanders starter pack for Trap Team comes in versions that run on multiple game systems, such as Nintendo Wii, Playstation, Xbox, and tablets.

I like the innovative play opportunities because there are so many ways to play this game. There are 32 original Skylanders toys alone. Then there were some special characters called Sidekicks (free via a Frito-Lay offer) that came out in the second half of 2012. The Skylanders Giants toys followed in October 2012. Then there was Lightcore, Swap Force in 2013 and Trap Team in 2014.

If you’re collecting all the Skylanders toys (or your kids are) there are now more than 200 of them to consider.

The original, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, was released in October 2011 by Activision. It has been a hot game system from the beginning.

Skylanders toys have names like Smolderdash, Flashwing, Stealth Elf, Ghost Roaster, Swarm, Fire Kraken, Terrafin, Trigger Happy, Drobot, Chop Chop, Flameslinger, Warnado and of course, Spyro. There are special versions like the Legendary editions of the original characters, or the Red Armor version of Drill Sergeant, that start out with additional powers.

The sky’s the limit for imaginative play with the Skylanders video game.

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What Are Skylanders?
Skylanders toys or figures are characters in a physical and virtual video game world. The interactions let kids be creative in their game play.


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