Toy Story Duplo Building Blocks From Lego

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Buzz Woody Toy Story Legos

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Toy Story Duplo Blocks Are Fun To Infinity And Beyond

Duplo bricks are made by the Lego company in a size that's just right for smaller hands. They are designed for children ages 1 1/2 to 6 and are about twice the size of regular Lego bricks. These great toys allow children to use their imaginations to role play and build fun environments. They are so easy to snap together and take apart. The latest Toy Story 3 movie has stirred a flurry of new Toy Story Duplo Block sets designed around the movie that kids love so much. Mix them with basic Duplo bricks and really expand the Toy Story creations kids can build. Just like Legos, these bricks will keep children engaged and entertained for hours.

bluebarToy Story Duplo Crane Bricks SetDisney Toy Story 3 Limited Edition Space Crane

This limited edition space crane comes with both the Woody and Buzz Lightyear characters in handy Duplo sized people figures. And a space alien too. It's so cute.  Playing with Duplo bricks and blocks is great learning fun for preschoolers.

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Lego Duplo Toy Story Bricks At Play

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Jessies Roundup Toy Story Duplo

Jessie's Roundup Duplo Brick Set

The Magic Behind The Creation Of Lego Duplo Blocks - Larger Bricks For Toddlers Began Early

The first Duplo bricks were introduced in 1969 and were mixed in with regular Lego bricks at first. Duplos came in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and white. Shortly thereafter they began marketing Duplos to children 1 to 2 years old and started selling them separately. Duplo blocks are quite safe, the size makes them hard for preschoolers to swallow, and parents loved them. In 1977, the first Duplo people came on the scene. They were creatures with just a cylinder shaped body, no arms or legs, and a head with one stud at the top. My kids played with those when they were little and I still have a bunch of them. Of course they still coordinate and fit with the Duplo bricks of today. Then in 1983 the first Duplo people with arms and legs appeared and soon there were sets with houses, farms, bridges, and trains with a track. The concept has grown in popularity with toddlers and their parents and now there are sets that include Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends characters, a zoo, town, princess castle, and pirate lines. Disney Pixar's Toy Story and Cars Duplo blocks are the newest additions and they will capture a child's imagination today just as they did back in the early days.

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Pizza Planet Duplo Bricks

LEGO DUPLO Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck 5658

The Pizza Planet Delivery Truck From The Original Toy Story Movie. Build the Pizza Planet Truck and gas station with this colorful sturdy set. It includes the Buzz Lightyear figure and an alien.


Preschool Children And Toddlers Love Duplo Bricks - The Learning Opportunities With Duplo Toys Are Endless

For parents it's all about making sure our kids get the stimulation and learning experiences they need and for kids is about fun, fun, fun. Duplo bricks provide lots of interactive and creative playtime experiences. There are lots of benefits for your children when playing with Duplo blocks. Building and stacking the bricks helps children build hand eye coordination, patience and self confidence. They will learn to recognize shapes and colors, sort, organize and arrange. It's learning play that will stimulate their imaginations, give them a chance to solve problems, and expand the difficulty level of their creations. Duplo bricks are fantastic educational toys that kids love to play with for hours. What could be better?

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Duplo Toy Story Train Chase Brick SetLego Duplo Toy Story The Great Train Chase 5659

Kids and trains are a natural pairing. This Toy Story Duplo set includes a locomotive and caboose and lots of desert scene accessory bricks.  You get Woody, Buzz, and Jessie figures.  In total 39 colorful safe Duplo bricks to build kids imagination.

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Duplo Lotsos DumptruckLego Toy Story Lotso's Dump Truck 7789

From the Toy Story 3 movie this big yellow dump truck carries Lotso, Chunk, and Stretch.  All Duplo sets can be combined and mixed with other Duplo pieces for hours of imaginative play.


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