Taj Mahal Is The Largest Lego Set

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Lego Taj Mahal SetThe Taj Mahal Creator Legos Set is the largest manufactured by the Lego Group. With 5,922 Lego bricks it will take a while to finish but what a masterpiece when it’s done. It’s extravagant, just like the real Taj Mahal, which is one of the Seven Wonders Of The Modern World. The Lego Taj Mahal is 20” wide by 16” tall when finished and looks remarkably realistic.  This complex building set is recommended for Lego fans 14 and older.

The story of the Taj Mahal is just as remarkable. In 1631 during the Mughal empire's period of greatest prosperity, the Emperor`s "Shah Jahan," 3rd wife "Mumtaz Mahal," died as she gave birth to their 14th child "Gauhara Begum." Shah Jahan was so grief stricken that he commissioned the construction of the Taj Mahal in 1632. 16 years later in 1648 the principal mausoleum was built. The surrounding gardens and buildings were completed five years later.

See more details of the Taj Mahal Lego Set here -->>>  LEGO® Creator Taj Mahal (10189)



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Taj Mahal Is The Largest Lego Set
It's a massive replica of one of the architectural wonders of the world with 5,922 building bricks. Finished it measures 20” wide by 16” tall.


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