Princess Merida Backpacks and Lunchboxes

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Go Back To School With A Brave Princess Merida Backpack And Lunchbox

Princess Merida, the young heroine of the Disney Pixar movie Brave, is a medieval Scottish teenager with a long flowing mane of curly red tresses. Her image is on most Brave backpacks and lunchboxes, along with her Clydesdale horse, Angus, who she talks to and confides in throughout the film. Princess Merida is not only a beauty, most moms think she's a great role model for their daughters. She's smart, athletic, not afraid to speak up for what she thinks is right, and above all very Brave.

Disney Merida Backpack Lunchbox

Disney Princess Merida Backpack and Lunchbox

This Disney Brave Princess Merida Backpack and Detachable Lunch Tote combo is one of the great styles you can find on Amazon.

Why Moms Like Princess Merida As A Role Model For Their Girls

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She's the star of Pixar's new Brave, and unlike so many female protagonists in children's films she's not a prissy, pink-wearing princess who's waiting for her knight in  shining armor to charge through the castle door.

Disney Princess Merida

Princess Merida and Brave Merchandise - You Can Buy It All Online

Brave Fearless Beauty 16" Backpack The popularity of the blockbuster movie Brave, released by Disney and Pixar has generated an enormous range of merchandise that appeals to kids, mostly young girls. They are expected to fill their gift wish lists with Princess Merida items this year. Soon they will be choosing their back to school supplies, and conveniently the marketing geniuses behind the Brave merchandise blitz have introduced a great line of backpacks and lunch totes with all the favorite characters from the movie.

Brave Princess Merida school supplies are everywhere and one of the most easy and economical ways to pick up everything on your kids back to school list is to order online. You get the best selection anywhere, and save lots of time and energy not running around from one store to the next. So why not grab your daughter and take a tour of some of the best Princess Merida backpacks, lunch bags and school supplies on the market.

Meet The Princess Merida Doll From The Movie Brave

Watch The Official Brave Movie Trailer

The Legendary Brave Princess Merida

In the Pixar animated movie Brave, Princess Merida goes against her mother, Queen Elinor’s traditional expectations that she marry and take her place in the royal kingdom. Instead Merida wants to be free to shape her own future. What follows during the film is a daring story of Princess Merida’s adventures when she tries to rebel against, and ultimately rescue her kingdom and all the traditions it represents.

This not an ordinary fairy tale. It is truly a Disney Pixar masterpiece of fable and lore. A legend presented in much the same style as a Grimm Brothers tale, a bit darker and more mature than most Disney Princess movies. It’s a timeless story that will appeal to all ages.

Merida Brave Lunch ToteDisney Pixar Brave Movie Exclusive Lunch Tote

Read About The Princess Merida Controversy

Have You Seen The Brave Movie?

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