Pirates of the Caribbean Board Games

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Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Board Games For Kids and Grown Ups Too

The Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Movies are the most popular pirate movies of all time and the merchandise that goes along with the movies seems to be limitless. It seems Pirate Mania is everywhere. Most of our favorite board games have been recreated in Pirates of the Caribbean versions with all the swashbuckling fun from the films.

If your family likes to play board games as much as mine, a Pirates of the Caribbean board game will be an ideal gift choice for Christmas, birthdays, and any other occasion. You will find a variety of Pirates of the Caribbean theme board games on this site with their descriptions to make your gift choices easier. Browse through Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly, Battleship, Life, Scrabble, Yahtzee, and more. There's something Piratical for everyone on your gift list.

Battleship Command Pirates of the Caribbean

A piratical twist to the classic sea battle game.  This Milton Bradley version has more ships, special pirate powers and more ways to sink the enemy.  Make sure you sink all of your enemy's ships before he sends yours to Davy Jones' locker!

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Game of Life - Pirates of the Caribbean  Dead Man's Chest

The Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life is adapted from the original Game of Life from the 1960s, except this time the setting is on high seas with wacky Captain Jack Sparrow. Players navigate their ship tokens while raiding other ships, finding treasure, and avoiding Davey Jones locker just like in the movies. The player that plunders the most treasure is the winner.

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Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirate's Dice

A fast paced dice game of double cross trickery. The Pirates of the Caribbean Dice Game is like the one seen in the movies. Comes with 4 barnacle encrusted cups and 20 dice with skull and crossbones. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly

The long time favorite Monopoly game remade with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Includes Jack Sparrows compass, vodoo doll, angelicas ring, fountain of youth chalice, mermaid coffin, and sword of triton tokens to move around the board. You will buy, sell and trade properties like Blackbeard’s Cabin, WhiteCap Bay, St. James Palace and the deadly Mermaid Pools. A great pirate adventure game.

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Yahtzee Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collector's Edition

The Pirates of the Caribbean edition Yahtzee game features a fountain of youth silver chalice as the dice cup, and skull and crossbones dice. A yo ho hearty good time for ages 8 and up.

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Watch The Movie Trailer for Disney Pirates of The Caribbean 4

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Pirates of the Caribbean Chess Game

Swashbuckling adventure game of chess featuring characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as chess pieces. Also the Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman on an oversized board that looks like a treasure map.

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 League of Pirates Pirates of the Caribbean Board GameCheck Availability Pirates of Caribbean Scrabble GameCheck Availability LEGO Pirates Tic Tac Toe Board GameCheck Availability

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