Leonardo da Vinci Machines: Building Kits

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a prolific thinker and inventor who was well ahead of his time.  Many of his ideas are still being researched by the Scientists. If you are looking for Toys which will appeal to Children who like Science and creating new stuff - then Building Kits for Leonardo da Vinci Machines are a a great choice.  These easy to assemble Machine Toys are appropriate for Grade Schoolers, Tweens, and Teens.  Click on the title links to see the full descriptions and customer reviews on Amazon.

Leonardo da Vinci Buidling Kit

Leonardo Da Vinci Bombards in Action by Elenco

This beautiful replica depicts a Missile Thrower. You won't need any glue to put together the model as it is based on a snap together design. Includes an educational booklet which informs about the Bombards Machine and how it has evolved.  Recommended For ~ Kids Between 7 and 11 Years of Age

Leonardo da Vinci Paddle Boat Kit

Leonardo Da Vinci Paddle Boat by Elenco

Another cool idea from Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks. This Paddle Boat can also be used as a decorative piece for a very unique Christmas Home Decor.  Recommended For ~ Children Between 7 and 11. 

Leonardo da Vinci Arial Screw

Leonardo Da Vinci Aerial Screw by Elenco

The Aerial Screw designed by Leonardo da Vinci was a precursor of the modern day Helicopter. It Compressed Air around it in order to fly.  Great way to get the kids interested in the principals of Physics.  Recommended Age ~ Between 7 and 11

Leonardo da Vinci Swing Bridge Kit

Leonardo Da Vinci Swing Bridge by Elenco

This bridge was made for the use of the Military. It could be assembled quickly,and disassembled once the Army had crossed the water body. Cool educational toy for Kids.  Recommended Age ~ Between 7 and 11.

Leonardo da Vinci Armored Car

Leonardo Da Vinci Armored Car by Elenco

This armored car invention was the ancestor of the modern-day military tank. He design moved multi-directionally and had cannons all the way around.  Recommended Age ~ Between 7 and 11.



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