Lego Bedroom Storage Solutions

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Lego Storage Kids Bedroom

This page is a continuation of a series of suggestions on decorating an entire kids room with Legos.  Storage is a big consideration so I thought first I'd show you what I chose, then a few others that I really like.  While adult Lego collectors may neatly display their architectural wonders for perpetuity, kids will strew them everywhere.  Any parent or grandparent of a Lego kid know that.  So how to organize and store?  Well let me say that some of the storage solutions for Legos are as remarkable as the bricks themselves.

Lego Storage

The big minifig head guy above is my grandsons.  It has three trays with progressively larger holes so the larger bricks stay at the top and the singles, heads and other small parts flow down to the bottom. Pretty handy.  It's about full but the coolest thing is that there's a girl head that I'll buy next so he will have a cute couple.  Here's a shot of the trays.

Lego Storage Head Trays

Here's the little lady minifig storage head I'll buy next.

She's available on Amazon --->>>  Girl Lego Storage Head

Maybe you need a bigger system?  Look at this stacked up Iris case tower.  Just organize by color and slide the plastic cases in whatever way works best.  I found this one at Target Online.  Buying online is so easy it's pretty much the only way I shop anymore.

Colorful Iris Lego Project Case

There are lots of choices on Amazon so it's worth browsing around before you make a decision.  You can involve your child in the hunt and hopefully involving them in the buying process will encourage them to organize as they clean up.

3-Drawer Sorting System with Large Building Base Plate3-Drawer Sorting System with Large Building Base PlateCheck Price

Lego Large Minifigure CaseLego Large Minifigure CaseCheck Price

Lego Toy Storage and Sorter BoxLego Toy Storage and Sorter BoxCheck Price

Lego 3 Piece Toy Organizer CubesLego 3 Piece Toy Organizer CubesCheck Price

Lego Large Minifigure CaseLego Large Minifigure CaseCheck Price

Play Visions Lego Cinch Bucket Play Visions Lego Cinch Bucket Check Price


 If you're looking for storage and a table combined, this three-chair unit is great.  There are colorful surface areas for each child to color, eat, and play with their Legos.  Then when playtime is over just push all the bricks to the middle and they are ready for another day.  Great for entertaining your little Lego and and some friends.  A little pricey but the hardwood construction will last for years so it can be passed down to the next child.

Buy this innovative Lego table on Amazon -->> Lego Education Three Seat Playtable

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