Leapster Explorer Handheld Game From LeapFrog Learning Systems

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Leapster Handheld GameThe Leapster Explorer, released in the summer of 2010, is the latest learning system from The LeapFrog family of games. The main system comes preloaded with Leaplet app games and video previews of cartridge games. From there you can purchase educational games, videos, and downloadable Leaplet Learning Apps. The Apps include ebooks, more games and video, and flash cards that grow in difficulty as your child grows.

One of the most popular features is the ability to create a character, build a home, and customize them both. Children can also create a personal pet that they can take with them online into LeapWorld to earn treats, shampoo, and accessories for it. Then they bring their pet back to their Leapster Explorer. By allowing players to move back and forth from the handheld to an online world, Leapster Explorer gives kids an endless combination of learning experiences, in the ways they like to play.

The new Leapster Explorer is made of high quality plastic that is kid friendly and durable. It has a high resolution full color screen that can be operated with your little one’s fingers or the stylus pen. Add on accessories include a charging cradle, carrying case made just for the Explorer, a click on camera, and additional memory cards for storage.

The Leapster Explorer also gives parents the ability to monitor and track their child’s learning online at the Leapfrog Learning Path, and they can receive emails to find out about accomplishments and find out areas where their child needs help. It has a wide range of age appropriate content with engaging games for toddlers through about age 9. The system auto advances to higher skill levels as your child grows. It will motivate any child to learn because of the variety of features available.

The Leapster Explorer game system cost $70 and comes with a couple of app games, The Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg and Jewel Train. Additional Leaplet App download cards are $7.99 for a pack of two. Game cartridges range from $20 - $25 each and 40 cartridges will be available by this Christmas. You will receive a great return on your investment in the Leapster Explorer system because of the way the games adjust as your child grows.

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Leapster Explorer Handheld Game From LeapFrog Learning Systems
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