John Deere Die Cast Tractors From Ertl

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My local Walmart had a clearance sale the other day and of course I hit the toy section with a vengeance.  One of the things I picked up were some die cast John Deere tractors from Ertl.  I love Ertl die cast toys.  They are something a little different than Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, typically a work related type vehicle, and always well made.  These cute little farm tractors look just like the real thing.  And best of all was the price.  There were a bunch and I only got 3.  The next day I thought I would go get a few more and of course they were gone.  Everybody loves a bargain.



I had no idea until now that Ertl was part of the Tomy Toy Company. Tomy is one of my favorite toymakers.  My own kids had lots of Tomy toys when they were young.  I shopped for them in mom and pop toy stores, and sometimes in KB Toys in the mall.  Wish KB Toys was still around.  We also have a Tomy Big Loader Set, and a Big Big Loader Set that we combine and set up every year at Christmas.  Our guests love it.

I gave these tractors to my grandsons.  They have a bunch of plastic farm animals and like to set them up and play farm.  Here are the John Deere tractors set up with some other farm related toys.  The scale isn't exactly the same but they don't care. Really cute.


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John Deere Die Cast Tractors From Ertl
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