Jake and the Neverland Pirates Boys Halloween Costumes

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Who is Jake from the Neverland Pirates?  Only the most popular new character from the Disney Jr TV cartoon channel.  It's part of the Disney Prince and Princesses line.  My little 3 year old grandson watches the show every week when he comes over to my house.  It's his favorite.  And I kind of like watching it too.  The characters get the kids up off the floor by having them answer questions and move around like they are helping.  My only request would be that at the end of the show Jake asks the kids to "help" clean up the toys on the playroom floor.

The story is a take on Disney's Peter Pan.  Every episode Jake and his 2 friends Cubby and Izzy, and the parrot Scully have to thwart one of Captain Hook's evil plans to steal treasure and take control of the magical Neverland Islands.  Jake's crew uses lots of problem solving skills and special tools to help them.  Jake has a wooden sword and a grand pirate ship called Bucky.  Izzy had magical pixie dust given to her by fairies that give her the ability to fly in emergencies, and Cubby has a treasure map.  A mermaid named Marina sometimes makes an appearance to further the cause.  Gold doubloons are awarded for each problem solved and at the end of the show they count them and add them to their team treasure chest.

Captain Hook and his cohorts the Pirate Smee spend their days getting away from Tick-Tock the crocodile and trying to get Cubby's treasure map.  It's all in good fun and of course Hook always loses.

There's cute pirate music sung by both a real and animated version of a pirate band duo named Snarky and Bones.  Treasure, music, pirates?  What more can you ask for in a great cartoon series for the preschool set?  There are tons of Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys on the shelves so it looks like the upcoming gift buying season is prepared for lots of adoring fans.

I decided to look into Jake Halloween Costumes for my favorite pirate cartoon companion and found some great choices.  Take a look.

jake neverland pirates cosutmeDisney Jake And The Neverland Pirates Jake Deluxe Costume

This one is an official Disney licensed costume.  It's a jumpsuit with boot covers.  You don't get the sword but that's okay, I think carrying around a big bag of candy is enough for a little kid.  It comes in sizes 2T - 6.  One word of caution, the reviews state the costume runs small so better order the next size up.  Click the link above for details.


pirate halloween candy tote

Pirate Pail For Collecting Halloween Candy

Add a skull shaped candy tote and your toddler will be ready to reap lots of Halloween Treasure loot.

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And if you decide to grab Jake's wooden sword these costumes make great playtime dress up attire too.  Never underestimate the power of pretend play.  You can get the sword when you buy the costume and get free shipping.jake neverland pirate sword

Disney Jake And The Neverland Pirates Soft Sword

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Boys Classic Jake Never Land CostumeBoys Classic Jake Never Land Costume

Here's another version of the Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume.  It's also a jumpsuit but without the shoe covers.  It might be a little cheaper than the official Disney version though. and still very cute with lots of realistic details.

I hope your preschooler will enjoy playing Jake and the Neverland Pirates as much as my grandson.  Happy Halloween!


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Jake and the Neverland Pirates Boys Halloween Costumes
Jake and the Neverland Pirate costumes are going to be a favorite for little boys this year at Halloween. Join the fun with Jake and his friends.

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