Covenant and Spartan Weapons List For Halo Reach Video Game

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Halo Reach Xbox Video Game

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Below is a detailed Halo Reach Weapons ListHalo Reach is one of the most famous video games in the Halo series for Xbox.  As a player you are a soldier of the United Nations Space Command and will need to know your weapon capabilities as well as those of your enemies of the Covenant Empire.  If you know of any more useful information you would like to see on this Halo Reach Weapons List, please leave a comment!

 The Needle Sniper AKA: Needle Rifle

Halo Reach Needle Rifle

The Needle Rifle is a Covenant Type-31 weapon that pierces delicate tissue and then explodes within seconds. It's s favorite fully automatic long range rifle capable of head shots. This one will take out a Spartan's shield in multiplayer mode in 6 rounds, and an enemy with no shield with one head shot. It's fast and precise.


 The M319 IGL AKA: Grenade Launcher

Halo Reach Grenade Launcher

The M319 Individual Grenade Launcher is used by the Army division of the United Nations Space command. It launches grenades with a single shot. This weapon can launch a grenade to explode on impact or after it bounces one time. It's has a tracking system indicated in red when shooting at enemy vehicles that are leaving the combat area.


Type-52 Special Applications Rifle AKA: Focus Rifle

Halo Reach Type 52 Focus Rifle

The Focus Rifle is one of the most used weapons in the Covenant arsenal. It has an incredibly long range and a precise shot. With a continuous yellow beam that allows adjustment while firing, the Focus Rifle can eliminate a fully shielded Spartan in 1.5 seconds.


The Plasma Launcher AKA: The Blow Everything Up Gun

Halo Reach Plasma Launcher

The Plasma Launcher is technically know as the Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher. It's a Covenant weapon capable of launching up to four large explosive plasma grenade-like bolts, which can be fired individually or all at once. The shots form an arching trajectory when fired from a long distance and stick to the target upon impact.


Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol AKA: Plasma Pistol

Halo Reach Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is a great short range gun used by the lower ranking Covenant soldiers. It generally inflicts severe third degree burns and typically 2 hits from a Plasma Pistol will kill an unarmed infantryman. It can also disable shielding allowing stronger weapons access. This weapon, when fired continuously, will overheat and shut down temporarily.


The SR S99 Special Applications Rifle

Halo Reach SR S99 Special Applications Rifle

The SR S99 Special Applications Rifle is a high powered weapon used by all branches of the USNC. It uses a thumb hole grip instead of a pistol type. This rifle can take out an armored Covenant vehicle in as little as 4 rounds.


MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System AKA: MA37 Assault Rifle

Halo Reach MA37 Assault Rifle

The MA37 Assault Rifle is a standard issue weapon for the United Nations Space Command Marines and Navy. It is a fully automatic medium range gun. It delivers short bursts and takes 18  rounds to kill a fully shielded Spartan enemy soldier.


 M41SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher AKA: Anti Vehicle Assault Weapon

Halo Reach Rocket Launcher

The M41SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher is a shoulder-fired rocket launcher with a homing feature used by the USNC. This is a relatively close range weapon that follows the the target in a pattern that makes it near-impossible for a slow-moving vehicle to avoid.


Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer AKA: Gravity Hammer

Halo Reach Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is used by Covenant Empire as a powerful close range weapon. It can also be used to manipulate gravity, pushing enemies away or pull them closer. The Gravity Hammer is a very effective way to destroy USNC vehicles and is capable of one hit kills.


 Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle AKA: Plasma Repeater

Halo Reach Plasma Repeater

A Covenant Empire weapon, the Type 51 Directed Energy Rifle, or Plasma Repeater is capable of firing 200 shots on one battery life. It fires bolts similar to the plasma rifle but they travel faster. The weapon overheats quickly but the accuracy increases as it's fired. It takes 18 shots to kill a Spartan with the Plasma Repeater.


Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher AKA: Needler

Halo Reach Needler

This unusual weapon fires long, sharp crystalline shards that impale their target. Its a favorite of Covenant foot soldiers because it hones in on enemy targets and avoids other Covenant military members. When the trigger is held down, the needles are fired at a faster rate than if they are fired singly.


M6G Personal Defense Weapon System AKA: Magnum

Halo Reach Magnum

The M6G Personal Defense Weapon is commonly referred to by USNC infantrymen as a Magnum. It has a low firing rate but is accurate, rugged, and reliable. It is a perfect sidearm for close range skirmishes. This gun is standard issue to USNC soldiers because it's quite effective against armor and shields and its handy size.


 Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword AKA: Energy Sword

Halo Reach Energy Sword

The Covenant Empire Energy Sword is an ancient weapon that is used by the Sangheili. It's a weapon of skill that consists of two blades of heated plasma. It's used in close combat and one strike can penetrate the energy shield of a Spartan. Energy Swords contain a mechanism that destroys the weapon if it's dropped or taken from a Sangheili warrior.


DMR M392 AKA: Designated Marksman Rifle

Halo Reach Marksman Rifle

The Designated Marksman Rifle is one of the most effective medium-to-long range weapon in the UNSC Army arsenal. It's intended for skilled shooters because it fires best when there is a pause between shots. With a scope of 3x magnification it's intended for battlefield use.

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