Build A Scary Lego Haunted House For Halloween

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The Lego Halloween Haunted Houseicon, released September 2012 is LEGO's scary Halloween brick set. It's made for "Kids" 14 years and up, because of the intricate details and features.  Collect several playsets and build your own Halloween Village.

Whether you're 14 or 40 you're going be amazed at the unique crooked design, boarded up windows, spiderwebs, and working front gate. The exterior really looks abandoned and haunted. Inside are 3 floors with a secret fireplace compartment, kitchen equipped to cook a ghoulish meal, and a drop down staircase that leads to the fearsome top floor attic. Six creepy minifigures live here and will give you a monstrous welcome if you dare to visit. Watch the video below and the designer of the Lego Haunted House will give you a virtual tour.

Take A LEGO Haunted House Tour By The Designer At Lego

Minifigures Included In The Lego Haunted House Set

Lego Haunted House Minifigures

A Lego Halloween - Monster Mash


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Halloween Minifigures To Add To Your Halloween Lego Scene

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A Creative Custom Lego Haunted House Display


Would You Like A Haunted House Made From Lego Bricks?

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Build A Scary Lego Haunted House For Halloween
Buy a Lego Haunted House Set and create your own Halloween Haunted Lego village.

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