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Little girls love to play with doll houses (so do big girls - I have one too). But this webpage is about various dollhouses for young girls and lists the features of each. Whether your young daughter plays with fashion sized dolls - like Barbie, or smaller dolls like Fisher Price Loving Family / Melissa and Doug, there is a dollhouse that has everything you and your child desires. Sturdy wood, fold n go, bookcase style, or even vintage, there's something for everyone. Read down the page and find them categorized by type, and also find accessories that are must haves for every doll.

Larger Playscale Dollhouses For Barbie and Blythe Sized Dolls

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse

The Kidkraft Sparkle Dollhouse Mansion is built for playscale (fashion like Barbie) sized dolls. It's 4 stories high with an elevator to take the dolls to the 2nd floor and a spiral staircase to walk to the upper levels. There's a patio and backyard pool complete with BBQ grill, pool, and lounge chairs. This house is in move in condition (after it's assembled of course) with 30 pieces of furniture. It's sparkly and glamorous with lots of artwork and architectural features. Made from wood composite materials, it's strong and sturdy enough to last throughout your little girls childhood.

Best Selling Savannah Dollhouse - Over 4 ft Tall

The Savannah Dollhouse from Kidkraft is for 12" dolls - the size of Barbie, Disney Princess, and Monster High. This house is a six-room, four story dollhouse that comes fully furnished. There are wide windows looking out over the patio area. The Savannah has a wooden frame so it can handle lots of creative imaginative playtime. The walls are a lighter board material with lots of artwork and scenery. There are linens on the beds and the living room furniture has comfy cushions.

Your dolls will take the elegant white staircase to the 2nd floor, and enjoy lovely balconies on each side of the 3rd floor bedroom. There's even a smaller area for a nursery on the top level. Assembly is basic and your little girl can be playing dolls in no time.

KidKraft Has Other Fashion Doll Sized Houses

KidKraft Beachfront MansionKidKraft Beachfront MansionCheck Price

KidKraft My Dreamy DollhouseKidKraft My Dreamy DollhouseCheck Price

KidKraft So Chic DollhouseKidKraft So Chic DollhouseCheck Price

Fisher Price Loving Family and Melissa and Doug dollhouses for 4 - 7 inch dolls

  Fisher-Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse Family

Loving Family is one of Fisher Price's best selling doll lines.  This Loving Family dollhouse has 9 rooms and the tower lifts up for more space. This doll house is a bit smaller than the playscale variety and the dolls are smaller than Barbie.  There are realistic sounds like a phone that rings and a doorbell; and the lights glow in the foyer and bathroom. There's an elegant winding staircase along one side and there's even a secret playroom. Plus when playtime is finished the whole thing folds up and stores the accessories inside.

The Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse has 4 people and 8 pieces of furniture and accessories. And there are tons of accessories, furniture and other Loving Family characters that can be added to the set as time goes on. It gives you plenty of opportunity to buy nice add on toys at a reasonable price , and you know your little girl will love them.

Fisher Price Loving Family Dolls and Accessories

Fisher Price Loving Family MinivanFisher Price Loving Family MinivanCheck Price

Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse Hispanic FamilyFisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse Hispanic FamilyCheck Price

Fisher-Price Loving Family Everything for BabyFisher-Price Loving Family Everything for BabyCheck Price

Miniature Melissa and Doug Classic Victorian Dollhouse

Melissa and Doug has recently become one of the most trusted names in childrens toys. The brand wasn't available when my kids were small but my grandkids sure like it. Parents now days love these durable quality toys. The Melissa and Doug Victorian Dollhouse is miniature 1:12 scale. There are 6 rooms with nicely detailed interior design; 3 levels with 2 staircases, and doors that open and close. It's made of wood to last through lots of play. Assembly is required and the dolls and furniture is sold separately.

Melissa and Doug Dollhouse Furniture and Dolls

Melissa & Doug Victorian Doll FamilyMelissa & Doug Victorian Doll FamilyCheck Price

Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse Furniture BundleMelissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse Furniture BundleCheck Price

Melissa & Doug Victorian Doll FamilyMelissa & Doug Victorian Doll FamilyCheck Price











Melissa and Doug Make Smaller Fold and Go Dollhouses To Take On The Road - Great Portable Size For Ages 3 and Up


Melissa & Doug Fold & Go DollhouseMelissa & Doug Fold & Go DollhouseCheck Price

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go BarnMelissa & Doug Fold & Go BarnCheck Price

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Princess CastleMelissa & Doug Fold and Go Princess CastleCheck Price

Fisher Price and Dora Dollhouses For Toddlers

Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse

The Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse is for girls as young as age 2. The family of dolls - mom dad and baby - are easy for little hands to grasp. The house has 5 rooms and furniture that is easy to move around in the wide open space. There are more coordinating My First Dollhouse furniture and dolls that can be purchased separately.

Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer: Playtime Together Dora and Me Dollhouse

Dora is one of the most popular little girl cartoons and now she has her very own dollhouse with her family included. There are 7 rooms with 7 furniture pieces. Dora teaches Spanish and English words and her dollhouse has a button that repeats 75 phrases. The house itself is made of brightly colored sturdy plastic with open spaces that are easily cleaned. 3 levels of play space are plenty of room for Dora to have over her friends. They are sold separately and are crafted to look like a variety of young people so your little girl can pick one that looks like her.

I've featured some of the dollhouses that I think are good choices for young girls.  I've have personal experience with at least one from each category - Playscale Barbie size from KidKraft, Intermediate sized dollhouses like Fisher-Price Loving Family, and doll houses for toddlers like the Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer house.  All of the choices on this page are high quality and will last through all the creative play your little one can give it.  I hope you find one that your little girl will love and play with for many ears to come.

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